Awesome Benefits of Body Piercing

There are various reasons why someone will want to undergo a body piercing. Some will have the desire to get pierced as a form of expression such as traditional ritual and an act to conquer their fear. Generally, there are lots of variety of styles in body piercing like noise piercing, ear piercing, lip piercing and even nipple piercing.

Traditionally, body piercing is already practiced in early years in remote areas as a tradition which acts as an alternative approach of healing. Today, people used piercing as a form of fashion or trending manner. However, modern technology has diverted its use in the form of acupuncture which enhances the use of science of modern medication.

Nowadays, acupuncturists have studied the potential healing of piercing and enhance the ability to relieve some illnesses such as migraines and ward off destructive allergies. In addition, the ancient Egyptian, Romans and Persians have already practiced auricular acupuncture to treat digestion, eyesight and menstrual problems, likewise some pirates also wore rings in their earlobe in order to enhance their vision. Here are some health benefits you can get in body piercing.

Piercing Improves Digestion and Reproductive Health

Ancient practice believes that piercing is said to maintain one’s digestive system which reduces the chances of obesity, and according to Ayurveda method of healing, the piercing of the lobe of the ear plays an important role in a productive health. Furthermore, ear piercing also helps maintain healthy menstrual cycles.

Piercing Boost Energy and Brain Development

It is believed that ear piercing of kids in an early stage will help the proper development of a healthy brain. Accordingly, the ear lobes that have been pierced will activate the meridian points that connect the hemisphere of the brain. Likewise, wearing of the rings will speculate the flow of energy that nurtured their bodies and believed to improve their eyesights.

Piercing Prevent Anxiety and Pain

Ancient beliefs also practice the compulsory ear piercing for the men for they believed that piercing will enhance sperm production. The Ayurveda also believes that ear piercing will act as an acupressure point to intensify the hearing performance of the ear. On the other hand, the ayurveda therapy also regards nose piercing on most women will reduce the pain experienced during their monthly period. It also plays a vital role in easing the pregnancy and during childbirth.

Piercing as a Sign of Beauty

Lip piercing or labret piercing has been in practice since ancient times and during those times, people believe that lip piercing makes their ancestor’s spirit happy. Furthermore it is a status symbol in their community, women who have a lip piercing or wear a ring in their lips represents beauty and femininity. Today, people also believe that lip piercing will stimulate the sensual feeling during sex round. In different circumstances, nipple piercings are now trending in most sensualist people all over the world. Nipple piercing has gained its popularity in the past few years among men and women. They consider that nipple piercing will play a vital role in maintaining their youthful appearance and believe that prevents blemishing of the skin and also enhanced their sexual arousal.

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